Romail Shah

A collection of websites
that I've created

Full-Spectrum Therapy™ is a process given to me on one of my journeys into my own Akashic Records. When I was told that this was the path to helping people become their best, I set off to make it my business to do that.

North Star is a professional Human Resources Agency that provides small and mid-sized businesses with full-service HR solutions tailored by industry. As an expert HR service provider, we offer the knowledge, tools, and unrivaled HR resources needed to help you grow and flourish.

Spearheaded by Dean Maxin and Masa Maxin, Maxin AI already provides end-users with 24×7 instant IT service and fulfillment through automation, to thereby drive increased efficiency and elevated customer experiences. Our goal is to gradually expand Maxin AI’s current functionality to TOPdesk´s users in IT service desk, HR and facilities management.

Platinum Cask (PC) is a company registered in the UK. It has been set up by Louis Haseman from Fah Mai Holdings Inc. and his team. Whisky is becoming a highly sought-after commodity. We have seen the likes of the “Platinum Whisky Fund from Hong Kong” open up with a minimum investment of USD250k.

The goal of this website was to create a fresh and modern website as the old website had missing pages, an old design, and old content. Tom wanted something fresh that could last for a few years. They provide top-end machinery brands such as JLG & Genie so a website with visuals and texts would be a best idea for their users so they can get a better quote idea.

Haas was working locally and there was no online presence. The goal is obvious, I bought the domain matching their brand and developed their website in which there is eCommerce functionality and they are selling Men & Women clothes online – Making their strong presence in the online world. Stripe and Cash on Delivery is integrated as checkout payment gateway.

CJ Singh (Owner) wanted a website to tell a little bit more about his legal services. CJ Singh also wanted a clean looking, simple and elegant website which is also easy to manage for him. He wanted to show his all services in detail on separate different pages. He also wanted a chat widget integrated in his website so that the users can easily chat with the support agent.

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